hello friends

i've gone and done a website where i can put my pics up so you guys can want to swap me your food and video games for more of my pics and so that i can share with you the stuff that makes me happy and hopefully also you a little bit as well

all photos shot on 35mm film

i love shooting on analog roll mainly because it's really expensive and trendy but also because the way it looks is super special and crisp and has its own texture even when it gets weird. also i don't get to shoot approx 1 million photos and hope one of them was extra good, AND i can't check it until days later so really it's just a very long magic trick except i have to be extra careful not to saw my friends in half and that the flash is on etc

if you guys don't like my pics then haha but if you do and you wanna follow me i live near the petrol station at old street in london. or if you are lazy you can use your internet to spy on me using the little buttons over there that go to instagram and facebook and the bird thing and an email so you can send me nudes and questions about my camera or if you wanna bribe me to take pictures of you or your cat

lots of love


this is a nice picture of me where i am blinking, which is really meaningful because that's what happens when you give the camera to your dumb friends haha next time i will have to do a self13